By January 27, 2007

HTC X7500 specification leaked

Over the last few days there has been a lot of talk about the HTC Athena, HTC X7500, T-Mobile Ameo and the Dopod U1000. We have been piecing together the bits of information about these devices trying to work out the truth from the rumour and the full specificaion.

However, in a leaked document about the HTC X7500 we find a full ‘official’ specification for the device:

HTC X7500 Specification

There are a few things worth noting from the spec. Firstly the USB 1.1 host which means that you could plug in external USB devices. Also note that the device is triband UMTS which means it should work in North America. Finally the ATI Graphics chip coupled with the LED backlit screen should give decent visual performance!


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