By January 26, 2007

HTC Working on 7″ UMPC?

According to Digitimes, HTC are working on a UMPC with a 7″ Screen as a follow-on from the HTC Athena.

High Tech Computer (HTC) is currently developing its second UMPC (ultra mobile PC), with the new product likely to be launched in the second quarter of this year, according to market sources.

HTC’s second UMPC, which the company prefers to call a “Mobile Office Device,” will have a 7-inch display, the sources noted.

News of the new device comes after Dopod International, a brand-product unit of HTC, announced on January 24 that it will start marketing HTC’s first 5-inch UMPC, codenamed Athena, as the Dopod U1000 in Taiwan later this month.

T-Mobile Germany recently announced that in March it would be launching its HTC-made Ameo smartphone device, which, according to sources in Taiwan’s UMPC industry, is just a version of the Athena. HTC also plans to market the 5-inch Athena in other European markets as the HTC X7500, said the sources.

I think it’s worth pointing out, however, that the HTC Athena is NOT a UMPC. It’s close but still just a PocketPC Mobile device.

Source: Digitimes.


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