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HTC Touch review

Just over a week ago HTC held a press conference to announce their new baby, the HTC Touch. Since then a whole host of reviews have appeared on the web, it’s obvious that the device has created quite a stir!

HTC Touch

HTC Touch

One review that we particularly like is the one from Solopalmari. Their review is rather extensive and includes dozens of photos as well as some nice video of the device in action.

It’s hard to remain unbiased and objective towards the HTC Touch – we really feel that HTC should be praised for their initiative and innovative spirit, especially when coming from such an important market giant that could have easily chosen to stay on the well-beaten track of ‘standard’ Windows Mobile devices. Comparisons have already been made between the Touch and the iPhone – some may find the association irreverent, sustaining that Apple’s device has superior potential capabilities and implementation. We feel, however, that HTC’s new proposal will make a name for itself in what is a growingly competitive market, just like we are confident the company will be rewarded for its new approach to mobile computing. Together with Apple.

After all that praise, we can’t fail to point out that the CPU is a bone of contention. We ourselves have often expressed doubts over the speed of the TI OMAP 850 in previous tests. However, the impression when using the device is positive and the benchmarks seem to back up the sense of speed.
Before posting this review, we would have liked to have carried out one more test covering battery life, but time restraints have not yet allowed us to carry out more than two recharges – not yet enough to give a true indication of the battery life. We will put our heads on the line though and say that the HTC Touch can easily withstand a long day of intensive use – and that’s no small feat, considering that this device also runs Microsoft’s new constant ‘Push Email’ technology

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