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HTC Touch Diamond extended battery

A little while ago I mentioned that HTC were going to supply higher capacity batteries for the HTC Touch Diamond. So far HTC haven’t come up with an official product but the other day I came across a replacement battery that has DOUBLE the capacity of the original Diamond battery.

Personally, I don’t have any problem with the capacity of the original battery but I know many people have been disappointed with the battery life. This replacement battery is 1800mAh as opposed to the original 900mAh.

As you can see from the images below it does add a fairly significant chunk to the back of the otherwise slim Diamond but I guess this is a small price to pay for the extra capacity. The package available from Clove comes complete with a replacement back that matches the design of the original. I’d like to see someone come up with a third-party replacement flat-back though as my original is looking very worn.

‘Get more life out of your HTC Touch Diamond handheld with a high capacity lithium-ion extended battery. This extended battery allows you to work for longer periods without having to connect your handheld to a power outlet. This Lithium-Ion extended battery has been tested and validated for your HTC Touch Diamond.’




The back cover is similar to the original.  It is not completely flat, it has contours like the original.

Features of Extended Battery (1800mAh) – HTC Touch Diamond

  • Rechargeable and removable power for HTC Touch Diamond 
  • Extended 1800mAh
  • Complete with replacement back cover for HTC Touch Diamond

The replacement battery and battery cover is available for an extremely reasonable £25.85 inc VAT from Clove Technology.

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