By February 6, 2008

HTC Shift appears in Orange Feb pricebook

You heard it here first, the HTC Shift appears in the Orange catalogue.

You may recall that we mentioned that Orange were planning to start selling the HTC Shift in our post back in August of last year (Orange to Shift the HTC Shift). Today we received a tip from a reader saying that the HTC Shift now appears in the Orange Feb price list.

The other thing that I have been told it that Orange are offering the device as a package complete with SIM, Contract and full support. However, I’m not sure how well Orange will cope supporting my Notebook PC!

EDIT: According to one of my sources close to Orange, the Shift will hit Orange at about the £900 mark but you will have to sign up for their support contract as well as a data tariff. I’m waiting for details!

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