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HTC press event photos

Here are a few more photos from the HTC Touch Diamond press event.

The initial introductions were made by Peter Chou, CEO of HTC. We were given a bit of background with lots of references to the HTC Touch and also mobile web browsing.

HTC Touch Diamond

HTC’s Peter Chou

The first time we got to see the devices they were all held in plastic display cases so it wasn’t possible to play with them and taking pictures was tricky. However, you can see the cool media player interface shown in the image below.

HTC Touch Diamond homescreen

HTC Touch Diamond Media Player

As you’ll be able to see from the shot below, the HTC Touch Diamond is extremely thin at just 11mm it’s less than half the thickness of the TyTN II. The Touch Diamond is also significantly lighter and weighs in at a mere 110 grams!

HTC Touch Diamond vs TyTN II

HTC Touch Diamond vs TyTN II

Although the buttons on the Touch Diamond are completely smooth they are still physical buttons with a positive click action rather than being touch sensitive. The ring you can see around the d-pad area is touch sensitive though and works like a jog wheel. Circling the wheel clockwise zooms in and counter-clockwise zooms out when used with Opera and Image Viewer, and probably other apps too.

HTC Touch Diamond navigation buttons

HTC Touch Diamond navigation buttons

Finally, a number of the HTC people at the event had their own Touch Diamond devices and they all had nice leather slip or pouch style cases for their phones. The cases were good quality and had a soft material lining which wipes the screen each time you slide the Diamond in or out.

We’re not sure whether or not the case will be supplied with the Diamond as we were given conflicting information on this. Hopefully it will be included with the retail units.

HTC Touch Diamond case?

HTC Touch Diamond case?

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