By July 25, 2011

HTC Vows to Win Fight with Apple

Apple-v-HTC As we’ve reported a few times over the past few weeks, HTC’s fight with Apple is going to get messy. We’ve already heard that Google are likely to get drawn in to the battle and will be in HTC’s corner but the ITC have provisionally ruled in favour of Apple’s claims on two items.

HTC’s CEO, Peter Chou has made a number of bold statements over the past few days with such sound bites as “We will win” and the claim that HTC has been making smartphones long before Apple.

In speaking to the BBC Mr Chou said "We have enough patents to make a stand," He added that the "war" for smartphone dominance should be fought in the market place and not the courts.

The ITC’s finial decision will be made at the beginning of December. The decision will be made by a panel of judges rather than just one as per the prelim.

"What it means, we started making smartphones before him… (Apple) We don’t want to copy anyone; we want to be a premium product. This world, this market is very big… is for all of us. Nobody should tell other people to leave and we should compete in the market place, let consumers decide… rather than in court."

Personally speaking, I like both HTC and Apple products and accept that neither are perfect but I cant help feeling that Apple’s claims against HTC merely validate HTC’s presence in the market and puts HTC’s name in the same headlines as Apple. A win here for HTC will be a valuable one!


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