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HTC TyTn II 3D Drivers getting closer

image If you are a HTC TyTn II user then you are probably well aware of the problems with 3D hardware acceleration or lack of it. Well the guys over at have made a bit of a breakthrough OpenGL ES and D3D drivers (non-fullscreen) for the TyTn II line of devices. A video demo and links to download the cab file after the break.

From the blog

"Before continuing, we would like to stress yet again, because there seems to be a little confusion here and there: these drivers are not finished, this is a work-in-progress. This is not a fix-all solution!. Currently the only things that are supported are hardware-accelerated D3D and OpenGL ES. These drivers are merely a release you can ‘play’ with, and prove it can be done. How many real-world applications will work with it remains to be seen, and we expect the users in the community will gather a list of these rather quickly.

To elaborate further, these drivers do not accelerate video playback. These drivers do not accelerate normal Windows operation. Some of you have asked if we have abandoned accelerated 2D. We have not, it may still come. The simple fact is, that in this particular case, it was easier to work with the 3D drivers first.

These drivers require a Kaiser (TyTN II) and a ROM based on the official HTC WM 6.1 update!. Exactly which ROMs are compatible is not yet known. We have tested this on multiple Kaisers, but all of them were running Dutty’s Diamond V1 ROM. It is extremely unlikely that these files will work out-of-the-box on any other MSM7x00 based device (at this time).

Now we have all that out of the way, here is the actual CAB file. Just install it on your device. Here is a RAR file containing a sample D3D application – indeed the same as shown in the video – you can use to see if the drivers worked! Unrar it on your PC, copy the EXE files to your device, and run it on your device. It will show a few popups telling you if hardware is used or not.


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