By November 8, 2008

HTC Touch HD unboxed and previewed!

The HTC Touch HD is yet another great new device from HTC that everyone seems to be waiting for. Many of you have send emails and messages asking if you should by the Touch Pro, the Omnia, the X1 or if you should wait for the Touch HD.

My HD arrived this morning from Clove Technology and after a quick unboxing (which you can see below) I’ve been playing with it most of the day so far.

SO what do I think? Well I am definitely impressed. The screen is fantastic, the OS responsive and the design is awesome. Loving it so far as it feels like the logical progression for me from the Diamond.


Touch HD vs iPhone


Inevitably the Touch HD will be compared to the iPhone, they have a similar design and are of a similar size. Many are hailing the Touch HD as a true iPhone killer. I’m not sure that I’d go so far as to say that, the success of the iPhone, in my opinion, isn’t just down to the hardware but iTunes and the AppStore have a great deal to do with that too. I’ll be talking about how they compare more when we got down to the full review.



Touch HD vs Touch Diamond


The Touch HD is quite a bit bigger than then Touch Diamond but that’s really down to a design choice with that large WVGA screen, which I have to say, is fantastic. The HD takes some of the design elements of the Diamond, such as the flush front design, and builds upon them where we now have a totally flat and button-less front on the HD.



Thank goodness HTC have finally included a proper headphone connector on the HD. You can now use any headphones with a standard 3.5mm jack plug and you wont have to splash out for nor carry one of those annoying adapters!


Touch HD top view


So on to the unboxing and preview video. The unit we have on review is an official UK retail model, kindly supplied by Clove Technology, so this is exactly what you’ll get if you buy one SIM-free today. The Orange version may vary slightly and is likely to have custom icons and screens but we’ll find out about that later next week when we hope to have the Orange review unit.


HTC Touch HD Unboxed


I’ll spend the rest of the weekend using the HD and will start the review off early next week. Please do drop me a line with any questions you might have and I’ll do my best to answer them for you!


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