By April 18, 2009

HTC Touch Diamond2 unboxing video

So the chances are that you will have seen my previous Diamond2 unboxing video where I unboxed a pre-release model and took you on a tour around the new version of TouchFlo 3D. Today, courtesy of our friends at Clove Technology, I’ve got my hands on the retail version of the Diamond2 so I thought I would record a brief unboxing video for you.

There’s no difference between the pre-release and the retail version in terms of hardware but there are some ROM changes which improves the overall speed and a couple of known bugs. Our review, which we hope to have completed next week, will be of the retail version of course.

So like I say, this is just a quick unbox so that you can see what’s included with the handset that you might buy. The previous video has more about the OS and TouchFlo 3D.


HTC Touch Diamond2 retail unboxing video


Please also check out my Diamond vs Diamond2 photos and check back soon to see our HTC Touch Diamond2 review.

EDIT: Our extensive HTC Touch Diamond2 review is now live!


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