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HTC Touch Diamond2 photos

Following on from my HTC Touch Diamond2 unboxing video that I posted yesterday many of you have emailed to say that you would like to seem more photos of the Diamond2 and some Diamond comparison photos. So here’s a selection of photos for you. Click the images to go full size.

HTC Touch Diamond2

The Diamond2 has an attractive silver and black colour scheme which makes it look newer and less plastic than the original Diamond although having said it looks less plastic the silver surround appears to me made from a matalic coloured plastic rather than black painted metal on the Diamond.


Diamond2 bottom view

On the bottom you’ll find the ExtUSB connector for syncing and charging the handset as well as for plugging in headphones. The small whole above that is the microphone and to the left and eyelet for a phone charm or lanyard.


Diamond2 back off

In order to get to the MicroSD card socket you have to remove the back cover. The socket is just above the tip of the stylus in this photo.


Diamond2 back view

You’ll see that the back of the Diamond2 is now flat rather and angular like the Diamond was. I prefer the flat back from a usability point of view but the angular back did look cool. Also on the back you’ll find the 5 megapixel camera. Sadly there’s no flash nor is there a a self portrait mirror but if you want to take photos of yourself then the back is probably shiny enough.


Diamond2 left side

The left hand side is fairly ‘clean’ with just a simple volume control at the top.


Diamond2 right side 

On the right you’ll see the loudspeaker grill at the top and the space for the stylus at the bottom.


Diamond2 top view

The power button still resides at the top of the unit but sticks out slightly which makes it easier to press.



As you can see in the picture above, the sides of the Diamond2 are sloped the same as the original Diamond but the back is smooth rather than angular.


Diamond2 and Diamond side-by-side

In this end view you can see that the Diamond2 is a litter ‘fatter’ than the Diamond but there isn’t a great deal of difference.


Diamond on top of Diamond2

And from a side-on view you can see that the Diamond2 is a little longer than the original Diamond but is not a great deal bigger overall.


So I’ve had the HTC Touch Diamond2 for about 24 hours now and so far I am enjoying using it. HTC have done an excellent job with how well they have integrated TouchFlo 3D in to the OS. There are few places that you can really see the raw Windows Mobile even the settings and notifications have been replaced with HTC’s own which just makes for a much nicer experience.

Reception and signal strength is a little better than the Diamond but still not great and nowhere near as good as an ‘ordinary’ Nokia phone. Why is that?

Finally (for now) the built in GPS is much better than the Diamond. Used it a couple of times yesterday and got a GPS within about 30 seconds from cold. My Diamond generally takes several minutes to get a fix and seems to prefer clear skies and open spaces but not so with the Diamond2.


Keep you emails and comments coming. We’ll try to cover all of your questions in our upcoming review.

EDIT: Our extensive HTC Touch Diamond2 review is now live!


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