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HTC shows 3 new phones


Shown off by HTC at an invite only press conference HTC announced three new phones that will hit stores in April. The HTC Legend and HTC Desire both running Android and HTC HD Mini running Windows Mobile. CEO Peter Chou mentioned they are currently working closely with Microsoft creating some Windows Phone Series 7 … um phones. However lets have a look at what they unveiled. I will be posting a video from the conference on my return to Blighty.

The first point to make is that HTC has updated HTC Sense and will be making this available for some of the current HTC phones on the market. The only phone they mentioned was the HTC Hero, no mention of the Tattoo or Magic etc. The update includes a panel style interface to allow you to jump to the panel of your choice. There are also smaller revisions to the likes of the phonebook and how it works with Facebook and Twitter.

The Legend is an update to the popular HTC Hero. HTC seems pleased that the casing is “sculpted” from one block of Aluminium and they have ditched the trackball in favour of an optical pad and button combination.

DSCN0801 DSCN0802 DSCN0803 DSCN0804 DSCN0805

Second device they got all gooey over was the HTC Desire. Packing an amazingly attractive AMOLED display this was the one that wowed me a little. It’s just gorgeous to look at. Having seen the Toshiba K01 yesterday this blows it out of the water. Again this has the new optical track pad of the HTC Legend and a beefy 5 megapixel camera.

DSCN0806 DSCN0807

Lastly, there came the HTC HD Mini. From the crowd noises this seemed to be the one they were waiting for. Essentially a 3.2” version of the HD2, this is quite a nice little device. One thing that caught my eye was the soft buttons at the bottom of the screen. The “Phone” and “Menu” are in their own little boxes as oppose to be being just against the black as with all other Windows Mobile. There was on mention of 6.5.3, merely 6.5 Professional.

DSCN0808 DSCN0809    DSCN0813 DSCN0814

Finally, on the HTC stand there was a step by step showing of the HTC Legend’s aluminim case.

DSCN0815 DSCN0816 DSCN0817 DSCN0818 DSCN0819

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