By June 16, 2008

HTC reveals Q1 2009 launch of first Windows Mobile 7 phone

image According to Kevin Chen General Manager of HTC for MEA and CIS, we should be seeing a handset with Windows Mobile 7 in the first quarter of 2009

Phonereport V2.0 have the exclusive when they were attending the HTC Diamond launch event in South Africa they got to speak to Kevin Chen.


image "When I asked Chen about details on the device carrying Google Android, he refused to speak about it, but the only thing he would tell me about the Windows Mobile 7 device is that it should be released in Q1 next year. This leaves me with two conclusions: HTC has a Google Android-powered device ready-ish and they are very confident that it should be out in the market by the end of this year. On the Microsoft side, HTC doesn’t seem too sure when the phone will be announced, but only when it should be announced, in other words, they aren’t sure of what’s happening with the Windows Mobile 7 product but they are hoping it gets to the market early next year. AWg has already leaked a roadmap which states that a Windows Mobile 7 device should be announced on their side by the end of this year."

This is very interesting news for Windows Mobile users, who have had to sit through the hype surrounding the new iPhone 3G, and Microsoft have to get this version right and hopefully it will be a redesign from the ground up with particular attention given to the usability of the touch interface. Lets have the power of Windows Mobile matched with the UI of the iPhone then that would be a device I would stand in line for.

via Phonereport V2.0

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