By February 5, 2012

HTC Refocusing? You bet.

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HTC, the super Taiwanese High Tech Computer company is claiming it’s lost direction last year slightly and are pulling it back in to “refocus”.

According to UK boss Phil Robertson they “ended last year with more products then they started with and tried to do too much”.

They are going to get back to making amazing hardware and adopt the “hero” approach. If this means more products similar to the iconic Hero that was loved and followed then that’s a good move.

I must admit that being a fan of HTC I found it hard to keep up last year with the large number of handsets being released, it was like the design team were on high energy drinks!. The danger of this is that the market place waits to see what your doing next and you quite often miss out to a competitor. One thing many bloggers noted is that they have moved away from is the “one piece” aluminum shells they were gaining a good name for, the last few handsets have gone down the traditional pull off back system.

So what for the future?, well as they now have the majority share in Beats Technology I am sure we can expect some more high end “music” focused handsets along with new smarter version of Sense.

I am sure HTC as a brand has a long life span and will produce many more awesome handsets, they have certainly made their mark in the last three years since own branding.


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