By August 29, 2013

HTC Plan to launch their own Operating System

htc-logo-300x188 HTC is generally considered to be one of the most innovative mobile phone companies in the world today and just lately they’ve shifted their focus from the ‘low-end’ side of the phone industry to the ‘high end’ to try and claw back some real estate from the the biggest hitter in the Android world.Samsung.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past few months you will know that Matt absolutely loves the HTC One and so do thousands of others across the globe but the problem is that HTC just haven’t been able to shift as many of their beloved flagship as they predicted, so to change the company’s fortune they have decided to try their hand at their own operating system.

This operating system will be designed specifically for the Chinese market as HTC’s CEO Peter Chou believes that the country is an area where great growth is possible, and according to sources across the internet HTC’s Chairwoman has personally been in contact with the Chinese government to ensure that this business prospect is the best that it possibly can be. The main reason behind the idea to create their own operating system is unclear but i can’t help but think it could be something to do with wanting Asia etc to become less dependant on other smartphone manufacturers eg. Apple, Samsung etc.

There has been no word as yet when this operating system will be released in China but rest assured we will let you know of any further developments as this is a story that could well see HTC sticking around in the mobile phone industry for many years to come if they pull it off.


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