By August 14, 2012

HTC One X update – what about the UK?

slide-2-whiteYou may recall the press release from HTC on Friday of last week about the next update for their flagship HTC One X phone in which we were told that the ‘next upgrade for the HTC One X will be released on August 10th’.

This update should take the version of Android OS to 4.0.4  (still Ice Cream Sandwich) and bring with it various improvements to the Sense experience.

However, I’ve had lots of feedback through Twitter asking where the update is. Indeed I’ve been wondering the same thing myself as the update has not yet presented itself to me on my One X either.

Several other unconfirmed tweets suggest that the UK isn’t getting the update while the rest of Europe already has it. I’m waiting for comment from HTC but anyone out there already rocking 4.0.4 through a legit OTA update?


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