By August 3, 2013

HTC One and HTC One Mini compared (video)

ones I’ve had the HTC One for quite some time and it has definitely become my favourite phone, relegating all others to the ‘also used’ status.

When rumours of the smaller HTC One Mini surfaced a few months ago I was pretty sceptical. Certainly many other phone manufacturers have come up with mini versions of their most popular handsets but it’s very unusual for HTC to do the same and left us wondering HTC were just following everyone else and rushing out another handset hot in the heals of the HTC One simply to keep up with the Jones’s.

However, having had my hand on the One Mini for the past week I’ve come to appreciate it a whole lot more. I’m liking the design and despite some obvious specification differences it really is just a smaller HTC One. Maybe that sounds obvious but mini versions of things can be very different, experience tells us.

So I thought it would be useful to record a quick video to highlight the similarities and differences between these two phones and you can see for yourself the comparison below.


HTC One Mini vs HTC One


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