By March 12, 2013

HTC One arrives

HTC One I first got to see the HTC One a few weeks ago and since then I have been waiting impatiently to get my hands on one to play with and review.

I’ve mentioned in earlier posts about being impressed with the phone and being more excited about the HTC One than any other phone for quite some time but the past few weeks have made me wonder if my desire for the phone has simply been fuelled by not having one and whether once I had one here it would be less exciting than I remembered.

So my HTC One arrived just a short time ago, I’ve already set it up and have been playing with it. Do I like it as much as I thought? You’re going to have to wait and see, I’ll be tweeting and commenting about it all day I suspect and there will be an HTC One unboxing video up shortly! 🙂


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