By June 24, 2009

HTC Hero launch

Well we’re here at the HTC Hero launch event just waiting for the presentation to start. Just been told that we will be allowed to film the presentation after all so we’ll have that up online as soon as we can over the event.

We also have a selection of photos and Hero related content provided to us on a USB key so we’ll be posting that live just as soon as the embargo is lifted.

We know that we’ll have a chance to get hands on with some devices later on today so Paul and I should be able to video a little tour.

We also know that we’ll be looking at the anticipated HTC ‘ROSIE’ UI which is to be called HTC Sense.

Hero_Front Back_0618 Hero_Pers_Right_0622


Does this new UI look familiar to any of you? 🙂



I’m busy recording the event! 🙂

Nice Facebook integration!

Hero to have multitouch and text-zoom to have reflow.

Fingerprint resistant screen finish as well as Teflon coated body.

HTC have collaborated with Adobe to deliver a better Flash experience.

Hero to be on T-Mobile and Orange from July.


Now time to get our hands on the HTC HERO!



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