By November 14, 2009

Special weekend offer from Devicewire

Have you been coveting the brand new HTC HD2? If you yearn for a new mobile but the HD2 is perhaps too big for your taste or just too much lolly then we have a couple of option for you which also have special offers attached to them!


Touch2-angled-left First of all, if Windows Mobile is your OS of choice, there’s the excellent HTC Touch2 that we reviewed recently. The Touch2 is a worthy successor to the massively popular Touch. Featuring Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional, 528 MHz CPU, RAM – 256 MB / ROM – 512 MB, 2.8-inch TFT-LCD touch-sensitive screen, Wi-Fi: IEEE 802.11 b/g and Internal GPS antenna. An excellent little WinMo 6.5 handset weekend’s special price of just £249.99 including delivery


Read the HTC Touch2 review to see if it’s for you. Order the HTC Touch2 HERE.


Tattoo-angled-left Or if you fancy a change from Windows Mobile and Android’s your thing then why not try the HTC Tattoo which we also reviewed just a few weeks ago. The HTC Tattoo is the smallest of the Android powered handsets that you can buy at the moment, featuring a 2.8" touchscreen, 528mHz CPU, 256MB RAM and 513MB ROM, GPS, Compass and lots more to boot. It’s well worth considering especially at this weekend’s special price of just £249.99 including delivery!


Take a look at our HTC Tattoo review to help make up your mind! Order the HTC Tattoo HERE.



The special offers are any available this weekend. Normal pricing will resume on Monday 16th November. Don’t forget to mention when ordering! 🙂


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