By November 6, 2009

HTC HD2 review underway

Last night I picked up our HTC HD2 review unit. Having played with a pre release model earlier I was pleased to get my hands on one of these puppies at last.

When you first see the HD2, chances are you’ll think that it’s a beast of a handset, and to be honest it is but using it for just a few minutes you soon forget about how big it is and start loving the fantastic and responsive 4.3″ CAPACITIVE touch screen – this is what all Windows Mobile should be like!

There’s plenty of horsepower under the hood and the OS runs smoothly. Granted I’ve only been using it in anger for a few hours but haven’t noticed any slow-downs.

The only significant negative that I have to say about the HD2 at the moment is in the battery department. While I’ve only been playing with this handset for a short period of time it seems clear that the battery life isn’t the best and it looks like I’d only be getting about a days worth of use out of it. It could be that the battery life will improve with a couple of proper charges and once I stop using so intensely or even that a later ROM update will extend the battery live but as it stands the battery seems a little weak in the HD2. Could it be that the huge screen it too much of a drain?

I don’t want to go ahead and spoil the full review too much and we’ll have an HD2 unboxing and tour video online for you shortly so let me leave you with a few screen shots of the HTC HD2 to whet your appetite!

HTC HD2 Homescreen HTC HD2 Photos & Video Tab HTC HD2 Start Menu HTC HD2 Opera-Portrait

Some screen shots of the HTC HD2 or “HD2 Porn” as we like to think of it!


Please do submit your questions about the HTC HT2 to me via the forum or via the comments link below and I’ll either answer you right away or else I’ll ensure that the answers are included in the HTC HD2 review.


EDIT: Our extensive HTC HD2 review is now live on site.


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