By November 18, 2009

HTC HD2 battery problems?

If you have been following our coverage of the HTC HD2 you’ll probably know that I’ve mentioned the battery life of the HTC HD2 on more than one occasion. The first review handset that we looked at was a pre-release unit and I initially had problems with poor battery life. After a few days the battery did seem to improve so I put the lack of stamina down to the fact that it was a review unit that may not have been so well looked after and that the pre-release ROM may not have been optimised.

However, James now has a full retail version of the HTC HD2 and is experiencing poor battery life and we’ve had a few comments on the forum from new HD2 owners saying that they are getting usage times measured in hours, one reader getting just a few hours of battery life when playing MP3’s despite having the screen turned OFF!

That said, we have also heard from others that they have no problems with their battery life and that they are getting a few days usage without having to recharge.

SO, if you are an HTC HD2 owner we want to hear from you! Please use the forum link below and come and tell us what your experiences are, good or bad!

We shall be getting another HD2 in a week or so and will test that out too!


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