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HTC event in London on June 24th 2009

So will it be about Google Android or about Windows Mobile?

HTC is making both Windows Mobile phones and Google Android phones so answer to this question could be threesome, but we will not speculate: instead we will bring you first-hand coverage! We will be there on location: in 2 days, on Wednesday, June 24th 2009.

We will cover part of this event that will be about Google Android here, at Mobile Tech Addicts while the part that will be about Windows Mobile will cover at

To get live coverage, both in texts and pictures, please follow us on Twitter: @msmobiles (note: we follow-back everybody who follows us there). We will use HTC Touch Diamond in combination with Vodafone SIM card to post these tweets and twitpic images.

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Commentary: some of the most influential people are totally in love with Google Android and even prefer it over iPhone! Even despite the fact that first phone powered by Google Android – the HTC Dream aka T-Mobile G1 – had poor battery life. Appeal of Google Android lies in close integration with Google services but also in its openness and being powered by Linux operating system. Note also, that Google Android is offered with capacitive display and has built-in digital compass what makes augmented reality applications very easy. While recently also iPhone 3GS offers digital compass, the reality is that development of software for Google Android and publishing it on Android Market are much easier than for iPhone: development tools for Android are running also on PC and Linux computers, not only on Macintosh; and Google is not that incredibly restrictive with app approval as Apple is. While Windows Mobile world is awaiting evolutionary 6.5 upgrade this year, Google is proceeding with upgrades all the time and delivering them to older phones too for free. Clearly HTC has achieved big success with their Google Android phones: not only because they were the first to the market with Android phone, but also because, according to our estimation, HTC has sold much more than 2 million Android phones already – including both HTC Dream (G1) and HTC Magic… and not even one year has passed since the first Android phone went on sale!

The prophecy that we would see many new Android phones at Mobile World Congress 2009, that took place in February this year, did not materialize. However the avalanche of Android powered phones will come for sure in second half of 2009 and not just from HTC and Samsung but from plenty of other manufacturers. Since HTC, unlike Samsung, is making also phones that are branded by operators/carriers, obviously HTC has more distribution channels and is better positioned to sell big amounts of phones through operators/carriers.

Whatever HTC will unveil on Wednesday, stay tuned for our first-hand reports!

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