By June 23, 2008

HTC Diamond sound quality

image There has been a lot of reports recently about the very poor sound quality when using the HTC Diamond for voice calls, particularly from user in the US. We decided to carry out some tests with Edward from MSMobiles to see how the HTC Diamond sounds. To carry out the test we ran the Vito Audio Notes software on the Samsung i780 at the UK end of the conversation and Edward called me from his HTC Diamond.

We did the tests with Edward using the wired headset and using the phone as normal and found the quality to be as good as any other phone we have used.

We have attached the two mp3 files so you can hear the results for yourself, we can only think that the HTC Diamond has problems with the US network bands and that this has something to do with the poor sound quality that David and Mickey have been experiencing.



We will be receiving our HTC Diamond this week so we will be testing the sound quality issues further and will be publishing a detailed review.

See MSMobiles for their opinion too.

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