By June 21, 2008

HTC Diamond new rom big improvements

image Since the release of the HTC Diamond officially in the UK, its been great to read that HTC seem to have addressed a lot of the issues with the first wave of unofficial grey imports and preview devices that were being reviewed a few weeks back. Now the released devices are carrying a rom that is more recent than the review devices we have read about and it appears that this makes a huge difference to the performance.


image The news was not good for HTC with this flagship device aimed at competing with the iPhone 3G, clunky slow Touch UI interface, constant soft resets, non responsive touch screen to name just a few. But what we would like to know is why would HTC release a device like this to reviewers in the first place if these problems were apparent.

The Diamond we are informed has been in development for years according to HTC and it does look beautiful but that soon wears off if the phone is not a good experience in day to day usage.

The only explanation that we can think of is that HTC were desperate to get the phone on-sale before the new iPhone 3G to get a head start but this tactic seems to have back fired spectacularly. Also of concern is that quite a few sites didn’t seem to notice the problems with the original rom were there in the first place which is very strange but maybe their devices performed ok with the tests that they carried out, who knows.

One thing is certain, for once HTC moved quickly to delay the official release of the Diamond and sort out the problems with the first rom and this is refreshing to see and hopefully we will see more updates from HTC in a more timely manner than we are used too in the future. However, having said the new rom still has not been released by HTC to those who already have the device, again that’s been left to XDA Developers to sort out. Lets hope the iPhone has taught HTC one thing, good firmware updates and added features make happy customers and loyal customers and Windows Mobile needs a bit more of that.

We should be getting our own Diamond to review next week and we will be putting it through it’s paces and giving you our honest opinion on this device, so stay tuned and let us have any questions that you have and we will answer them for you.

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