By July 12, 2011

HTC Desire & Desire Z to get Gingerbread

Desire-main Via their Facebook page HTC have announced that they are to start rolling out the Android 2.3 Gingerbread update to the HTC Desire before the end of July. This after the to and fro that we’ve had over the past few weeks as to whether or not their would be a Gingerbread update at all. Their was outcry when HTC originally said no to the update but it’s reassuring to see that HTC did respond to the criticism and in a u-turn statement said that they’d had a change of heart.

In a further update earlier today HTC also said on their Facebook page that they would be rolling out the same Gingerbread update to the HTC Desire Z and this would start rolling out within a few weeks.

Thanks to everyone whos been patiently waiting for the Gingerbread update for Desire Z. We are in the last stages of testing and plan to start rolling out the update over the air in the coming weeks. It may take a little time to reach all of you across every network but it should have reached everyone by the end of the month.

Well done to HTC I say for keeping their customers in the loop and furthermore to listening and reacting to customer feedback.


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