By October 6, 2010

HP confirm new WebOS devices are coming in 2011

palm_pre Once a contender but currently a side note in the mobile OS world, Palm’s WebOS looks like it’ll be finding its way onto handheld devices next year, according to HP senior VP Eric Cador.  This of course come of the back of another HP VP, Todd Bradley, confirming the existence and release of the “PalmPad” earlier in September, plus news of WebOS 2.0 hitting beta. So while WebOS may not be the great white hope it was a couple of years back, it’s not the dead-and-buried OS others may think.  Will one of these devices be the rumoured Palm Mansion?  With new rumours of an 800×480 screen and touch only interface it certainly marks a change in direction for the OS (maybe at HP’s insistence?) although the WebOS 2.0 screengrabs haven’t yet served up an on-screen keyboard.  A screen with that size would likely be bigger than the Pre (and certainly the Pixi) to enable a decent QWERTY keyboard on there, unless Palm fancy still-birthing another great OS with shoddy hardware.  Lets hope not, WebOS could still be a tour-de-force with decent hardware, especially in the tablet arena.

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