By October 13, 2009

How to Tattoo your Tattoo

HTCs newest Android device is now available to buy on contract and it wont be long until it can be bought sim free as well.


HTC Tattoo


However, HTC are from today offering an additional service. offers users of the Tattoo handset the option to customise the outer shell of there handset, hence the name Tattoo.

Users have two options. They can either pay 11.99 Euros for a pre-designed cover or pay 14.99 Euros to design there own, either by using the Tattoo Studio or by uploading there own images.

tat1 tat2

tat3 tat4

Sample Designs

As you can see above there are some nice designs available but I think the real beauty will be designing your own and making it unique, like a Tattoo.

An interesting concept HTC and I’m sure it will be popular. I am certainly going to Tattoo my Tattoo when I get one!


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