By July 28, 2008

How Mobile Tech has changed how we do things Part 2

So carrying on from Part 1 having now arrived in France with thanks to TomTom and the iPhone I really wanted to be able to carry on posting the latest news while I was away. Now for those who have been regular readers of Mobile Tech Addicts you will know that it is a very new blog and keeping it fresh and interesting to build up our audience figures has been a lot of hard work but proving very successful so the timing of this family holiday could not have been worse.

The momentum could be lost and all the hard work undone with lost readers. No problem I thought, I have my Three USB HSDPA Modem and hopefully that will work fine in France, I called Three and they confirmed that "I think it should work" but here is the main problem, they want to charge you £3.00 per Mb of data used. I asked them if they do any packages of data and they again just confirmed no the minimum charge is £ 3.00 per MB full stop. Now correct me if I am wrong here but I think this is a bit steep, or maybe effing vertical better describes it. This is the main reason we are not seeing mobile broadband used by people when they are roaming, the networks are choking the life out of us and stopping the use of this brilliant technology. We have recently seen call and SMS charges reduce whilst roaming now Data needs to be addressed and quickly.

The Three modem is locked to the Network so no option for a local Pre-Pay card so I just bit the bullet and put £30.00 credit on the Three card. I connected it up when I got here and found firstly that no 3G service was available, then connections were total rubbish, it worked once in every 10 connects even though I has fours bars of signal, all very frustrating, when I did get a connection, I fired up Newsgator to check all my RSS feeds and two minutes later my credit had gone and I was disconnected. Not a good experience at all.

So back to the original point Mobile Technology is fantastic when it works but we must have reasonable rates, I don’t mind paying for something that works and also paying what it is worth, but these charges are extortionate. We are being ripped off without question.

So luckily Gareth has stepped up to the plate and is posting more news and keeping the site updated while I am away, so a big thank you to Gareth for putting in the extra hours whilst I am forced offline, hopefully I can repay him when he takes a well earned break soon too.

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