By July 27, 2008

How mobile tech has changed how we do things, Part 1

Having just arrived in the South of France it got me thinking how this trip relied on Mobile Technology and how much it has benefited us compared with making a trip some 10 years ago. First off the Gete (French Farmhouse) was all sourced through the Internet, the various on route hotels again booked online along with the tickets to get through the Channel Tunnel. These details were all emailed and stored on my iPhone for a paperless system.

The day of departure involved programming the TomTom satellite navigation system with the address we were staying at just beside the Channel Tunnel, two minutes later we were on our way, no maps or wife’s map reading skills required and that has to be a good thing.

The next morning we arrive at the Channel Tunnel, check in with our emailed confirmation from the iPhone and we drive onto the train. Whist the train is moving we program TomTom with the address we are staying at in the South of France and as soon as we arrive in France the TomTom fires into action and tells us we have 650 miles to our destination and then reminds us to drive on the right hand side, very impressive. Now think back for a moment, how hard this journey would have been without TomTom, I am driving in a strange country, the wife is my navigator and she cannot read a map, 10 hours later we are totally lost and sick of our lives and heading for a divorce, TomTom has saved all this and for just over £100.00, an amazing bit of mobile technology.

When we eventually arrive we meet the owner of the Gete, check the place over and pay him the outstanding balance, even forgot his paperwork so was not sure how much I owed him, so I whip out the iPhone and sure enough I have the emails right at hand and tell him what the outstanding balance is and pay him.

So there you have it, Mobile Technology is really a huge help in our everyday lives, so much so we are beginning to take it for granted.

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