By July 19, 2008

How I switched from Palm to Windows Mobile

image Alli Flowers (The Palm Expert) has just posted an excellent article over at Mobility Today describing her transition from a Palm OS user to Windows Mobile. Alli has been a long time user of Palm and writes for, and now Mobility Today so it is definitely worth a read to hear her experiences

Moving from the simple Palm OS to Windows Mobile was not an easy decision. It has, of course, been tempered by the knowledge that I can go back any time I want. The biggest downside is that the move has cost me my casino money for the next three months, and I haven’t begun to buy accessories yet.

The most difficult part of the entire experience has been converting to Outlook. I have successfully avoided Outlook for years, but there is no simple way to sync a WM device without it. I have quite contentedly been using the Palm desktop for all my hotsync needs for years. I initiated a sync when I was ready, and all my pim data was always safe. With WM, not only do you get the pleasure of using Outlook (she said sarcastically), but the joy of ActiveSync.

for the full article head over to Mobility Today

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