By September 1, 2016

Honor 8 Unboxing

Honor-8Honor have updated their flagship for another year and are pretty pleased with themselves. They should be. The Honor line has been a cut-price flagship with some decent specifications if not standing out from the competition. This year it’s all change, the design has an interesting construction that added a unique look thanks to some tempered glass.

In a world where the race to have the best handset has changed manufacturers are having to try daring new concepts to appeal to their customers as the specifications are all fairly similar.

In addition to the looks the Honor 8 has a lot going for it, well specs kit under the hood, a unique user interface, a large number of inbuilt tweaks to improve the Android experience, versatile camera features and a low price tag – for what you get.

With pricing of just £369.99, including an anniversary package worth £69.99 and a selection of eye-catching, Honor has really made good this year and has become a phone to consider.

Commenting on the European launch of Huawei’s Honor 8 smartphone, Ernest Doku, telecoms expert at, says: “Everyone knows that if you design a phone for millennials, a front-facing selfie camera is compulsory.

“Huawei has ticked that box and silenced the competition by offering a photo mode that promises to make selfies ‘perfect’. They’ve coupled that with another which makes food look good enough to eat, playing to our insatiable appetite for parading dinners across social media.

“Specs like these – teamed with features such as the fingerprint sensor doubling as a multi-purpose button to start apps like WhatsApp or Pokémon Go – are likely to be a honeytrap for millennials living vicariously through Instagram and Snapchat; especially when wrapped up in a sleek glass handset that actually looks good.

“The Honor 8 joins the club that already counts the iPhone SE and Samsung Galaxy A as members – all are handsets targeted towards techy Generation Y who crave tons of features but refuse to pay flagship smartphone prices.

“But the Honor 8 comes in at just £10 less than a 16GB iPhone SE which, for some, will still be a little steep for a challenger device. Even though the Honor 8 is a comparable phone, Apple is still the brand kids aspire to own – for now at least.”

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