By May 20, 2007

High cost of Blackberry

For those of us out there that are IT Managers/Directors does the following sound familliar?

One of your company directors heads out for a meeting only to return to the office having met someone with a Blackberry. Now he NEEDS a his own Blackberry and nothing else will do!

I come across this every day. I normally ask ‘Why do you need a Blackberry specifically rather than a Windows Mobile device?’. Generally there is no good reason or answer except that so-and-so told them that they need to get a Blackberry to read their email and access their calendar. All things that Windows Mobile can do!

Our friend Alasdair has writen a nice piece about this IT Managers headache over on his blog, Mashup of Mayhem. It’s well worth the read and explains exactly why Blackberry devices work out so expensive! If the above conversation is one that you have with your boss you might want to print out Aladair’s post and get them to read it!

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