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Herocraft release Stolen In 60 Seconds

Stolen In 60 Seconds, gold winner of Samsung Game Development Contest 2007 now available for PDA & Smartphones!

Stolen In 60 Seconds

Stolen In 60 Seconds

The sole thing which distinguishes the organization of a great burglary from the planning of a military operation is a scale. And a real leader of a criminal group has a number of cares neither less than a military commander has. His hands are full, he should trouble about a lot of totally diverse works, like the collection of information about a place of the next action, the elucidation of the situation of vulnerable sites of an unit, the assignment of roles and tasks, the right distribution of resources and time. Should it be mentioned that he also has to think out a course of an operation, to take care about the security and to provide all chances which can have influence upon the results of an affair in whole.

$tolen In $ixty $econds offers to feel yourself in shoes of a criminal boss. This unique project, which combined genres of strategy and puzzle, gives a chance to test your abilities in management and planning. The uncommonness of tasks, ease of a game style and the stunning refinement of quests are the components of a cocktail which will suit even the most carping gamers’ taste.

Firstly the game attracts by its simplicity. As a head of gangster band you should rob shops, banks and offices. A player is able to use a scheme of a building, a tool kit for burglary and so on. There is also an opportunity to get the additional information about the location of values and signalling guard zones. It’s necessary to seek out executors of intended robbery, to supply them with appropriate equipment and to plan their activities. The key stage is the stepwise planning of a burglary, preceding an action itself in a real-time mode. A training mode removes any difficulties apropos of rules and no longer than after a couple of well-done operations you’ll fell yourself as an expert of the misappropriation. But gradually a number of new shades and niceties of the game world reveals, and the uninterruptedly increasing complication of tasks doesn’t leave any chance to use only one successful scheme. Before every new affair you’ll have to make a grave choice – to pay to intelligencers or to rely on good fortune, to take risk in a desire to snatch a large sum or to engage a well staffed professional crew that can ensure results, but takes almost all plunder.

The detailed information about the game, including screenshots, trailers and links for demo versions is available on HeroCraft PDA official site –

Game features:

  • A combination of the stepwise planning of a burglary and the action itself in a real-time mode
  • A dozen thieves tools
  • The increasing complication of quests
  • About two dozen original operations
  • Smart sound and vivid graphics
  • Atmosphere of the real gangster den

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