By September 15, 2006

Hermes USB Socket

Just a quick follow up on the information I’ve been posting about the mini USB (EMU) socket on the Hermes devices as I’ve had a number of comments/questions emailed to me.

Firstly let me reiterate that the socket on the device is double sided. There are 5 connectors on one side for USB data and 6 on the other side for audio.

Standard mini USB plugs are also only single sided. This means that you cannot hack a normal mini USB cable into a headphone adapter.

The headset that comes with HTC Hermes devices has an Enhances MiniUSB (EMU) plug on it. However. This is also single sided and only has connectors on the audio side of the plug. This therefore means that you can hack the headset into a headphone adapter but you cannot turn it into a headphone AND charge cable, as there are no connections to the USB data side of the socket.

Hope this helps clear a few things up!


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