By January 28, 2009

Has Research In Motion’s CEO lost his mind?

image The Wall Street Journal has an interesting article about the Blackberry Storm and some of the troubles that RIM has had related to the phone’s release. The story  goes into some of the bugs, glitches, and customer dissatisfaction that plagued the Storm when it was first released at the end of November. Buried in the article is this gem of a quote by RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie where he says that buggy smartphone software is part of “the new reality”. What!

This little bit of information is not really news to early adopters, but coming from the co-chief executive of a major smartphone maker, this sentiment is truly alarming. One of the main jobs a person in that position has is to be salesman for his company’s products. Can you imagine Steve Jobs, or anybody from Apple, HTC, Nokia making a comment like that? Mr. Balsillie is basically giving RIM’s most loyal fans a big FU. Instead of trying to ensure that only the best combination of hardware and software gets released from RIM, Jim Balsillie is suggesting that we as Smartphone users should just learn to accept subpar products, because they will try and fix the problems eventually. I sincerely hope that this attitude does not permeate throughout Waterloo Ontario, and the rest of the mobile device industry.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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