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Handy BlackBerry GPS apps for the Easter break


It’s always a scramble to get out of town at Easter, with millions of people hitting the roads and airports. However, GPS, location based services and apps are making the journey a lot easier. Now we can receive up-to-date traffic information or find the best route from A to B after we’ve left the house, without having to buy one of those over-priced petrol station or city maps that are virtually impossible to fold back into a neat little shape. So, here are a few of our favourite apps that help you get your bearings on where you are.

All of the below apps are free to download so why not give them a try.






Whether you’re off to London, Lahore or LA, this nifty app helps you find your way around the public transportation systems in more than 400 cities around the world. Boat, bus, tram, tube, train – you name it, it’s all there. MetrO even gives directions from landmark to landmark, so if you are a first-time visitor and find yourself at Alexanderplatz and want to go to Checkpoint Charlie the app finds the quickest route in a matter of seconds. Once you have installed the cities you are travelling to, they are saved on your phone and no network connection is needed, which helps you save on roaming charges.

Find MetrO in App World

Wisepilot – GPS Navigator



A good-looking application for mapping and navigation, Wisepilot gives you maximum flexibility and allows you to use it however you want! The free version allows you to search and map your journeys, while the enhanced payable features locate speed cameras, report live traffic, and send you up-to-the-minute info on events happening in your area. You’ll have no excuse to get out of town!

Find Wisepilot in App World


Google maps


You can always rely on Google Maps to get you out of a travel pickle. Whether driving in unfamiliar territory or pounding the streets in aimless abandon, Google Maps will tell you the way to your destination in under a minute. And for those without a head for maps, the app includes a satellite and streetview function. Finally, traffic information will keep you updated about congestion, so you’ll never be late. Just turn it on, enter your destination and follow the blue arrow.

Download Google Maps Here –


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