By July 9, 2008

Hand-held lie detector running Windows Mobile

image The Pentagon will issue hand-held lie detectors this month to U.S. Army soldiers in Afghanistan, pushing to the battlefront a century-old debate over the accuracy of the polygraph. The Defense Department says the portable device isn’t perfect, but is accurate enough to save American lives by screening local police officers, interpreters and allied forces for access to U.S. military bases, and by helping narrow the list of suspects after a roadside bombing.

image The device has already been tried in Iraq and is expected to be deployed there as well. “We’re not promising perfection — we’ve been very careful in that,” said Donald Krapohl, special assistant to the director at the Defense Academy for Credibility Assessment, the midwife for the new device. “What we are promising is that, if it’s properly used, it will improve over what they are currently doing.

Now not wanting to cause concern here but relying on a Windows Mobile device in times of crisis might be a bit too risky for my liking. Imagine the scene, you need to run a quick lie detector test so you pull out the Windows Mobile device, mmm batteries a bit flat, oh well, wait I need to soft reset memories running low, ahhh hold on a minute its frozen, maybe I am being a bit harsh but you know what I mean a bit risky for me.

story via msnbc

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