By January 21, 2010

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) for iPhone released

Undoubtedly the biggest release in app store this week is an iPhone version, original porting, of Grand Theft Auto game, the “Chinatown Wars” edition. Why biggest? Well, the console version of this game is huge hit, and also in app store this app has reached, merely in 2 days (!), top sales positions in several countries + Apple is promoting this new release heavily everywhere in iTunes.

Arrival of big game studios to iPhone probably means that soon no longer indy game developers will have any chances to compete…

The most critically-acclaimed handheld title of this generation is now available for the iPhone™ and iPod®touch:

**Custom iTunes Playlists**

Choose from five radio stations with 100+ minutes of in-game music, or simply listen to your own music library in-game by using iTunes to create a playlist called “GTA” and syncing your iPhone/iPod Touch. To listen to your custom playlist, simply launch Chinatown Wars and select the Independence FM radio station.

**Dual Control Schemes Optimized for iPhone™ and iPod®touch**

Intuitive touch screen interface with two custom control settings to suit your preference, allowing you to drive with a virtual analog stick, or a more streamlined two-button option for fast in-game maneuvering.

**Bigger, Bolder Visuals**

Enhanced graphics, lighting and explosion effects maximize the 480 X 320 high-resolution touch screen

Left For Dead in the Worst Place in America
Following his father’s murder, Huang Lee has a simple mission: deliver an ancient sword to his Uncle Kenny to ensure his family retains control of the Triad gangs of Liberty City. Huang is a spoiled rich kid who expects everything to run smoothly, but his trip does not go exactly as planned. After being robbed and left to die, he will search for honor, riches and revenge in the most dangerous and morally bankrupt city in the world.

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars has been specifically redesigned by Rockstar Leeds, the world’s premiere handheldstudio, to deliver even more critically acclaimed, innovative GTA gaming for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Commentary: clearly big game studios feel a need to port their big-time games also to iPhone, particularly because if they don’t do it then plenty of other software houses are bring rip-off versions of their games to iPhone/iPod touch arena. Interestingly since iPhone 3GS and latest generation of iPod touch offer OpenGL ES 2.0, the quality of graphics – textures and lighting, can stunningly good, but unfortunately still it is unclear which games take advantage of OpenGL ES 2.0 yet…

Get it here (price: $9.99):

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