By February 17, 2010

Google gives away FREE Nexus One at Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona

How established mobile industry wants to fight iPhone revolution? With apps! Yes, the main battleground of smartphone wars is moving to apps and the main players are iPhone (of course) and Android…

At Mobile World Congress a sub-event “App Planet” has been organized:

What is App Planet?
App Planet is an “event within an event” at Mobile World Congress 2010 that will present a unique opportunity to explore the many dimensions of the dynamic and critically important mobile applications market. By pulling all the key players together in one place at one time, we will make App Planet the new Centre of the Apps Universe for the four days of Mobile World Congress.

Whether you are looking for technical knowledge or simply the best app-related networking available, App Planet is open to all attendees has something for every type of attendee:

… and within frame of this event “Android Developer Lab” by Google is also organized and all participants are getting FREE Nexus One smartphone. Not bad, innit?

Commentary: Google is bringing battle against Apple to new levels, and after introducing multi-touch as standard feature of Android OS since 2.1, Google now is wooing developers to start developing for Android. Collateral damage: Nokia, that in a developer event for developers in Germany was giving away free Nokia N900 but only for a couple months, not for ever…

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Apart from Android, you might be interested also in Windows Phone!

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