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Good Reader for iPhone Review

Good Reader is one of the best apps available for reading documents on the iPhone and iPod Touch. It is able to store and view very large files in a number of different files formats such as Microsoft Office documents, iWork files, PDF’s, website archiving, images, audio files and videos.

So when you boot it up, you are greeted with this page.

To put  documents into Good Reader, you can either do it through iTunes, or you can import them directly from an email or from the internet.

To view the your documents in Good Reader, you need to go into the “My Documents” folder.

There are different viewing options for different file types. For MS Office and iWork files there is the UI that you see below. In this mode, there is just the traditional scrolling that you would expect on the iPhone. There is also pinch to zoom, but it can get a bit slow if it is a large file.

When you view PDF’s there is different user interface as you can see below. You can either scroll as you would normally would or you can use bar along the left hand side, which is useful when browsing large PDF’s. I have tested some very large PDF’s, and they work very well with almost no lag at all. However, you will need to load large PDF’s from iTunes, because when you try and download them from the internet, the app crashes.

Good Reader can view a multiple of different image formats including .jpeg and .png.

One of the coolest features of Good Reader is the ability to archive web pages and store them while being offline.

There are also some options to connect to services like Dropbox and a Mobile Me iDisk. Also there are some paid add-ons where you can connect to a FTP Server or connect to Google Docs for £0.59p each.

Another great feature of Good Reader is that there is a WiFi transfer service. This allow you to drag and drop files over your WiFi network from your computer to the iPhone or iPod touch.

There is a great help menu for Good Reader for new users to this app.

Conclusion: Good Reader is the best document reader that I have used on the iPhone. Even though scrolling and zooming can get a bit slow when viewing large files, I highly recommend this app for anyone who needs to view any documents on the go. Intergrated services like Dropbox and Google Docs and features like website archiving, really push this app above the rest. I also have the iPad version of Good Reader is very similar and it is a great way for viewing PDF’s and documents on the iPad.

Good Reader costs £0.59p on both the iPhone and the iPad and it is a great app that is worth the money.

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