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Glovax Pro review

P1030723bGlovax is an interesting Indiegogo campaign I have managed to get ahold of ahead of time. These striking gloves brag they can tolerate more abuse than any other adventure glove including, cut resistance, anti-skidding, abrasion-resistance, water & oil resistance, flexibility, and comfort!

As a gardener, I put them to the test and spent a couple of weekends tackling my jungle with little concern as to the gloves welfare, and they held up pretty well.

In the description, we are told the yarn of the gloves is made with special technology contributing to its durability and resistance. In the hand they gloves feel similar to what you might expect from mountain biking gloves, however, this messes into a rubbery underside with a notable grip.

The variant I have been sent are the Glovax Pro in a rather striking orange colour. Don’t let that fool you, you will be able to find them if you drop them. On closer inspection you notice that the mountain bike-like material is in fact much stiffer and tightly woven, there is only a little give or sketchiness to the material.

Inside the glove is a silky soft underside of the material, all around. This feels good on the hand, allowing the skin to breath and keep cool. On the hand, the gloves feel snug but not restrictive. They are light weight and after a few minutes, you will forget you are wearing them as they are mightily comfortable.

It took me a little while before I was happy to push on push on with the Glovax as I believed I would damage them, however that soon gave way to the carefree attitude as I dug into the bottom of the lawnmower to give it a clean and the glove were tight enough to my hands I that I was to act like I was using my naked finger instead of cumbersome gloves. The only thing that was missing were my nails to get to those hard to reach places.

Cutting hedges, moving lawns, lifting grass and hedge cuttings were much easier as thorns could not jab me and I really felt quite protected. Turning my attention to fixing a broken fence, the glove provided good grip for screws, ripping up broken wood and attaching new lumps of wood together.

The one thing that really bothers me was the claim that the gloves are waterproof. Not to the degree I was expecting. Plunging the gloves into the drain to remove leaves, stones and other foreign matter the gloves let water in. They do not perform like a pair of marigolds by the kitchen sink. Perhaps the rubbery underside keeps the water out if rock climbing as depicted on the campaign page and I am mistaken.

After this, I decided to test another bold claim, the cut resistance. I took the sharpest knife in my kitchen drawer and skid it across the rubber a few times. Each time I tried harder and harder and the gloves withstood it. Certainly, this isn’t revolutionary, however when you consider the gloves weigh around 50 grammes you have to admit, that’s a lot of protection for something so slight.

Glovax are pretty impressive and diverse. There is a lot you can do with them and they would be welcome in most homes and still be used for multiple different things. At a price of $24 for the basic backing on their Indiegogo, they are a better investment than a few pairs of a cheaper alternative.


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