By September 11, 2008

Gizmondo running Android?

180px-Gizmondo_HandheldPocketgamer has an interesting article on the upcoming Gizmondo 2.0:

We’ve reported before on plans to relaunch the Gizmondo handheld gaming device this year.They were announced in January, then delayed in February, and then former Gizmondo boss Carl Freer popped up in May saying it was all still on.

Now Swedish journalist Hans Sandberg says he’s actually seen one of the new Gizmondo devices, albeit not actually turned on. How? In a meeting with Richard Jenkins, CEO of The Media Power Group, which is somehow involved in the device’s relaunch.
The new models are being made in China, using a newer version of the Nvidia graphics chip that was in the original Gizmondo.
Pricing hasn’t been finalised, but here’s a thing: the new model will apparently run either Windows CE 6.0 or Android. That’s right, Google’s much-heralded new mobile operating system.
The report claims the device will be orderable in November or December from a revamped Gizmondo website.
Can it be for real? The saga of the original Gizmondo was so bizarre, that we can’t help but feel cynical – at least until we get a new model in our hands to test.
We’re also wondering if UK firm Plextek is still involved. Back in January, when the first reports of Gizmondo’s return emerged, the company appeared to be closely involved, but the picture appears a bit more hazy now.

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