By March 29, 2010

Gifting Apps – a New Promotional Tool for Developers?

By now the only way for bloggers like us to get app for testing was to get promo code for iTunes USA. Recently Apple enabled gifting of apps – so that you or anybody can give you an app as gift… but this can be also used for developers to give us, bloggers, apps for testing also if you we don’t have iTunes USA account!

Interestingly gifting cannot influence ranking of apps:

The App Store apocalypse so feared by other developers did not come to pass – a developer cannot influence their rank through mass giveaways. Since gifting has been available for music for a long time, my guess is that Apple learned this lesson a long time ago and discounted gifting from the ranking algorithm.

While I’m not sure we’ll do such a large giveaway again in the near future, simply because of the time required to do the actual gifting, it’s another great option for developers to use in their marketing arsenal. If nothing else, it will be very helpful not to be limited to 50 promo codes when trying to share an app with media and the rest of the community.

To learn more visit this super interesting story about gifting apps by developers as promotion tool!

… and message to developers: if you want us to mention and review your apps please gift us apps by sending gifted apps to: [email protected] ! (we use usually iTunes accounts in UK and Germany, so we would appreciate it and we would give you free publicity in return)

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