By November 8, 2011

giffgaff to support BlackBerry


As from the 24th November giffgaff will offer Blackberry services, which have not been possible on the MVNO previously.  These include Blackberry Messenger, Blackberry (push) e-mails and Blackberry Internet.

So you will soon all be able to purchase a Blackberry Add on when purchasing a goodybag.

As giffgaff aim to provide fantastic value for money the BlackBerry add on will only cost £3 (in addition to the cost of the goodybag).

In the same way as current goodybags, the Blackberry add on will last for a month.  As the goodybag and Blackberry add will have to be bought at the same time, they will expire on the same date as well.


You will be able to select the Blackberry Add on the same page and in the same way you would a goodybag.

It is important to note that customers will have to pay for the BB add on and the goodybag at the same time and with the same payment method (e.g. you cannot buy one from balance and the other from credit card).

This does mean that if you have an active goodybag now and want to have the BB add on, I’m afraid you will need to wait for it to expire before you can add Blackberry to your account.

You will not be able to purchase the Blackberry add on if you do not have a goodybag (e.g. you are on 10p/6p or if you have purchased a gigabag.

It will not be possible to add a Blackberry add on, onto a gigabag, as those products are aimed at members who are using a Dongle, i-pad or similar data device.

If you buy the Blackberry Add on with Hokey Cokey or the £5 Unlimited Text goodybag you will still be charged our PAYG rate of 20p a MB for internet usage, but Blackberry Messenger and Blackberry Push Email will be free.

In the same way, as you can with goodybags, it is possible to queue a BB add on with your goodybag. And just like our goodbags, you will be able to look in your ‘My giffgaff’ to see when your Blackberry add on and goodybag expire.

Roaming on Blackberry will be restricted to 10MB per day, which you get for free, when you’re in a different country. This is because our systems can’t actually charge for data usage on Blackberry while you’re roaming, which means we can’t provide it as a service. So although weirdly we still get charged for it, we did not want to cut everyone off completely by not having it as an option, but opted in to swallow the 10MB per day ourselves.

Good news I say!


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