By August 18, 2008

Get your free EeePC today!

If that’s not enough to get us sandbox’ed as spammers I don’t know what is.  However, it is half-true.  Orange UK are giving away the brand spanking Eee PC 900 16gb for absolutely nothing.

There is the downside of a two-year £25 a month contract, but for that you get 3GB data transfer and 100 text messages a month, and a free HSDPA modem.

Obviously the stonking £600 total cost of the contract is a little eye-watering, but if you were going to go for a mobile broadband contract anyway, maybe this will help you part with your money, and in my opinion and personal experience, Orange offers the most reliable coverage and quality of any network I’ve used.

Laptop: Asus EeePC 900 16gb

Modem: Option Icon 225 USB 3G Modem w/HSPDA

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