By May 16, 2009

Get iSteam for iPhone now for FREE !


This super-hit app is now free! Developers of this app have earned several hundred thousands $ and millions of downloads while this app was priced variably and now this app is FREE so go get it and start your fun!

How this app works? As you can see above it simulates steam on your display and you can put as background any picture from your photo gallery. You can blow to the microphone to put more steam and you can shake the phone to get away from steam and to go to menu.

All in all it is a pointless app and it is amazing how or why it has been so successful?

This is a kind apps, that you show to your friends to have some fun… and since it is free now, go grab it now! Crazy developers, after all, might start charging back for this app…

Get it here (FREE)

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