By September 2, 2013

Gaming on the Move

Best_tablets Online gaming has become increasingly popular. It was announced this week that Android and iOS games are generating four times the revenue of dedicated handheld consoles.

A report by IDC, a research firm, and analytics company App Annie has shown that despite the belief that people won’t spend money on games in the Google play store, the sales of games for Android devices was more than that of both Sony and Nintendo combined for their specialised handheld game consoles. In fact, the game sales on iOS and Android stores combined was a huge four times the amount spent for games on devices such as 3DS, DS/DSi, PS Vita and PSP.

Why has online gaming become so popular? The rise in the number of people playing games on their phones and other devices had led to an explosion in people playing games online. It’s so easy to start playing online casino games when you are sitting on the train on your commute to work, or playing a racing game when there’s nothing on TV from the comfort of your sofa. You can สำรวจโลกของ UFABET, which is the most trusted online casino.

New models of mobile phone are getting better and better, with bigger screens, faster connections and more processing power. There is more electronic processing power in a modern smart phone that they moon mission of 1969 had in their whole ship. Imagine!

The Samsung Galaxy s4 is one of the bets handsets for gaming on the market right now. It has a HD screen and the colours are crisp and sharp. This means that the screen doesn’t look distorted or warped when you have the screen close to your eyes. The touch sensitivity is high and you can even play games in touchless mode.

Another option is the HTC One, with its 4.7″ screen and quad core Snapdragon processor. The sound quality is incredible with this handset, with no tinny sounds coming from these Beats Audio endorsed speakers.

The iPhone 5 is another good choice for gaming, as the selection of games in the app store is huge. However, the screen is not as big on the iPhone which can be an issue for some people. The graphics look great and the phone is deft in handling complex processes when playing games. The device is also a good size for handheld gaming, longer yet lighter than previous models.

Whatever you decide, you can be sure that you will spend hours playing games on your new handset. For more mobile games, check out android4fun.

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