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Galaxy on Fire 2 goes free and Valkyrie Add-on exclusively available for Xperia PLAY


For the first time ever, the award-winning sci-fi trade shooter Galaxy on Fire 2 is available for free, exclusively for the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY. Also first time on the Android platform, Xperia PLAY users can purchase the add-on Valkyrie.

Fishlabs Entertainment, one of the world’s leading independent mobile games developers, finally releases the first add-on for its popular action-packed space trader Galaxy on Fire 2 on Android: As of today, Galaxy on Fire 2 – Valkyrie is exclusively available for the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY smartphone on the Android Market via in-app purchase for £ 2.99. Furthermore, all gamers who own an Xperia PLAY device will also be able to download the award-winning sci-fi epic Galaxy on Fire 2 for free until January 1st, 2012.

More details and a video below:



“Galaxy on Fire 2 was one of the earliest titles to launch on Xperia PLAY, and has continued to enjoy critical acclaim and great success across multiple platforms,” says Tim Harrison, Head of Content Marketing & Strategy at Sony Ericsson. “So we’re particularly pleased to be bringing Xperia PLAY owners this stunning game for free – and offer the Valkyrie update exclusively – this holiday period.”

And also Michael Schade, CEO of Fishlabs Entertainment, is extremely pleased with the long awaited release of Valkyrie on Xperia PLAY. “Not only has the Galaxy on Fire series set new standards for the sci-fi genre on mobile devices,” says Schade, “but also does our popular outer space adventure have its seeds on feature phones by Sony Ericsson. Back then our action-packed space trader had been fully optimized for Sony Ericsson’s K-series and it had been given one award after another by the mobile gaming press. Today, we still max out the hardware and the gaming controls of the Playstation Certified Xperia PLAY to the fullest in order to offer all sci-fi fans an out-of-this-world gaming experience on a totally unique smartphone.”

The story of Valkyrie continues right where Galaxy on Fire 2 ended. After the allied factions’ victory over the devious Voids, Keith T. Maxwell does not have much time to catch his breath but rather does he have to face another treacherous enemy right away. While the most ingenious scientists of the Terrans and the Grey rug their brains to invent new weapons systems and hyper drives for the secretive Deep Science faction, the unscrupulous weapons dealer Alice hires Keith for a number of risky and slightly dubious missions. While a thick web of deceit and intrigue is woven, nothing is as it seems and every action taken by Keith and his allies and adversaries leads directly to a thunderous show-down with an unexpected twist!
In Valkyrie the player gets access to a vast number of improvements and additions to the gameplay, such as a black market trading system, where illegal weapons and rare commodities can be traded against huge sums of credits. Furthermore, the player will now also be able to buy his own space station, a floating den of iniquity known as Kamoo Club, and use it as a stash for space ships and valuable goods. The Kaamo Club can either be purchased in game or bought directly via in-app purchase for £ 0.69.

Special features of the Valkyrie add-on:
.                     New storyline complete with English voiceover
.                     New Vossk and Deep Science spaceships
.                     New weapons and equipment, including guided missiles, mines, auto-turrets, repair robots and shields
.                     Black market trading system
.                     Nine new planets in four new star systems
.                     Kaamo Club – The player’s very own space station


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