By April 17, 2009

Flower Garden for iPhone released

image Some programs look like games at first glance but are not games. For example: Second Life. Here comes an app for iPhone that lets you grow virtual, 3D, flowers in your iPhone!

With Flower Garden for iPhone you can grow flowers, touch them (and they move like on the wind), you can water flowers, you can cut flowers, and you can do almost all that stuff that you would do in real life. Changing view in 3D with multi-touch is also working nice in this app. Finally you can also send your flowers to somebody.

Here is how this app looks like:


Information from the vendor:

Flower Garden is enriching and interactive while giving you something beautiful to share with the most special people in your life.

* A virtual garden complete with the serene sights and sounds of the outdoors
* Over 20 types of seeds to unlock.
* Create mixed bouquets of your best blossoms to share with loved ones
* Full 3D flowers and bouquets that react to the touch
* Unique flowers with realistic growth behaviors
* A forgiving garden where flowers will wilt but not die while waiting to be tended
* Email bouquets with personalized cards and custom backgrounds for the perfect composition

Commentary: this is an amazing app with interactive 3D graphics of high quality. If you grow flowers yourself in real life, you should get it for iPhone or iPod touch too!

Get it here ($2.99)

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